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Pod26 - John Englander on Sea Level Rise

September 10, 2020 John Englander, Rising Seas Institute; Steve Hall, Society for Underwater Technology Season 1 Episode 26
The Underwater Technology Podcast
Pod26 - John Englander on Sea Level Rise
Show Notes

Pod 26 - In an extra-length episode, SUT CEO Steve Hall interviews John Englander, author and expert advisor on sea level rise. In his long ocean-focused career that has included serving as CEO of the Cousteau Society, running a diving business, advocacy work and much more, John has gained an international reputation as a trusted source of knowledge on a range of marine issues and is an acclaimed speaker.
In the interview he explains the reality of sea level rise, emphasising that even if all human greenhouse emissions ended today, the momentum in the Air-Sea-Ice system means that we've already banked hundreds of years of inevitable rising seas. There's abundant observational evidence that the rate of rise is speeding up, and that rises of over 1 metre this century are entirely realistic. The impact on coastal regions will be enormous, impacting habitation, infrastructure, ports and harbours, estuaries, low-lying island states and much more. We should be planning for world where the sea level is 3 or 4 metres higher than it is today. There's nothing we can do to stop it, only adapt.
John goes on to mention the planned establishment of the Rising Seas Institute, and looks forward to working with SUT, IMarEST and other Learned Societies & Decision Makers to help the world prepare for the coming situation.
Find out more about John at and check out his influential bestselling book 'High Tide on Main Street' - next year his new book 'Moving to Higher Ground' is due for publication.
The September 8th 2020 update to John's graphic on sea level rise can be seen at
For the highly regarded presentation John gave at the Royal Institution in May 2019 'Sea Level Rise Can No Longer Be Stopped, What Next?' go to
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